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Below Video Tutorial Series will walk you through integration of Linux servers to Windows Active Directory domain. Its primary purpose is to join Linux servers to Active Directory domain – become Active Directory domain member, authenticate Linux users to Active Directory Domain Controller and also authenticate Samba users against Active Directory Domain Controller server.

We will use winbind and sssd to integrate Linux servers into Active Directory domain.

But we brought to you also Video Tutorials how to setup Active Directory domain, how to install Identity Management for Unix and how to join Windows desktop to Active Directory domain.

Considering you are Linux Administrator – you will find here also useful tutorials how to setup Windows Active Directory domain so you can use it to setup your test Environment for regression testing. Successful integration of Windows desktop to Active Directory domain will prove that AD domain was setup successfully and if any Linux integration to AD domain errors/troubles occur they should be related to Linux winbind/sssd setup not to Windows AD domain issues itself.

These tutorials are very robust – step by step to high level of details – no step is omitted and success is guaranteed if every step is followed. All setup presented in these Tutorials is proven to work!

Integration of Linux servers to Windows Active Directory domain.

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